Top 19 Most Dangerous Dog Breeds In the World


The way most dogs behave and carry themselves only reflects the way they were brought up. Nevertheless, some dog breeds are known for being fiercely dangerous, based on how violent they interact with people and other dogs. In spite of expert claims that such vicious dogs can be tamed if domesticated and trained properly, we can’t stop wondering what a task it would be for the trainers. All dogs make great companions, though.

However, the breed dogs in the list below raise eyebrows.

1. Pit Bull


Notorious for being the most dangerous dog breed globally, pit bulls are banned in several countries. Pit bulls are subjected to many extensive training exercises to control their deadly outbursts. Shockingly, a 1991 study revealed that up to 94% of the attacks pit bull rendered on children were unprovoked. So, have a pit bull as your pet is alarmingly risky.

2. Rottweiler


The Center for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) released a report showing that half of the number of people who died from dog bites between 1993 and 1996 in the U.S were as a result of Rottweiler bites. That’s a frightening statistics about the aggressiveness and infectious nature of the Rottweiler. The dog is too strong, its bites measures as high as 1,460 newtons.

3. German Shepherd


Some studies show the German Shepherd’s attack tendency towards smaller dogs. Their attacks come with a bite reaching a force of up to 1,060 newtons. No wonder, the police chose to use German Shepherds policing. With them, criminals and trespassers sometimes get literally torn to pieces when attacked.

4. Doberman Pinscher


Dobermans are known for never harming their owners. However, their aggressiveness towards strangers can be devastating, though they are not the most dangerous breed of dogs. Their size and sturdiness make them fierce. The last report in the U.S about a Doberman killing its owner was in 2011.

5. Bullmastiff


The Bullmastiff is naturally huge, and its large stature brings an intimidating first impression. Their giant size can grow to 130 pounds, which makes it imperative to have it trained for the sake of obedience. They generally make good dogs when trained, considering that they are temperamental.

6. Husky


The husky is an energy powerhouse compared to other breeds. Typically called a sled dog, the breed has a close relationship with the Malamute. Their working nature makes them a poor choice for a pet. No wonder the idiom” work like a dog” is thought to have been inspired by the husky’s busy nature. Reports from 1979 to 1998 hold huskies culpable for mauling 15 people in the States.

7. Wolf Hybrid


The breed is known for being highly skittish and particularly impulsive. It’s quite dangerous to breed an animal from the wild with a domestic animal. Some states have prevented such a venture by banning wolf hybrids completely. According to the CDC, Wolf hybrids have already caused 14 deaths in the US.

8. Great Dane


Great Danes have a dangerously imposing size for a dog breed. When fully grown, the structure of the male one can reach 86 cm in height and a surprising weight of 200 pounds. When well cared for, they grow up to gentle giants. In South Carolina in 2003, a girl of 2 years suffered a fatal bite from a Great Dane.

9. Caucasian Ovcharka


The Caucasian Shepherd also bears the name Caucasian Ovcharka. It was bred purposely for livestock protection. This type of dog breed is known for its natural courage, strong will, and assertiveness, and that explains why training it, is necessary. This will prevent any case of aggressiveness against people, especially strangers.

10. Chow Chow


Chow Chow is wired to be viciously aggressive if ample attention is not given to it by their owners as it grows. Nicknamed “puffy-lion dog,” the discernment skills of Chow chow against strangers is a wonder. Its spirit of over-protectiveness is considered risky, and hence the Chow Chow falls in the high-risk dog category. In the U.S, they have a horrifying history of 238 fatalities between 1979 and 1998, which means they are too aggressive and must be tamed.

11. Akita Inu


Akita Inu is a dog breed that will fight to the end without surrendering or retreating. It never gets scared. With origins from Japanese mountainous regions, the Akitas are not only overly courageous but also loyal, stout, dominant, and independent. Their territorial arrogance is what clashes them with strangers. Without effective training and socialization, the Akita Inu can be a nightmare in any vicinity.

12. Perro de Presa Canario


This breed is large and imposing in stature. Initially, the Perro de Presa Canario was bred to protect livestock and for working. This “Canarian catch dog,” as it’s referred to in English, needs to be trained to be obedient at an early age. Helping it to be social is also required. Without proper attention, it can be extremely aggressive around unfamiliar faces and any other dog nearby.

13. Saint Bernard


With a Swiss and Italian Alps origin, Saint Bernard is a huge working dog. It was bred for rescues, and its towering size and the ability to run rescue missions is its primary reputation. Only great training from infancy can help curtail its hostile territorial behavior.

14. Basenji


The Basenji is categorized as an eyesight hound originates from Central Africa. It’s an incredible hunting breed which possesses a super drive for prey. This dog has extraordinary vigilance, passion, and matchless nosiness. Its reserved nature with strangers makes it less aggressive by comparison. Also, it falls in the second position as the least trainable breed.

15. Gull Dong


This super-strong dog is a result of breeding the Bully Kutta and Gull Terrier. The initial intent to breed it was to make a formidable fighting dog. It takes aggressiveness to a whole new level. Controlling it well is often a nightmare.

16. Boer Boel


This gigantic, mastiff breed of a dog hails from South Africa. The idea of having massive and aggressive dogs to guard homes and farms brought this breed into existence. They were excellent defenders against predators and hunting wounded prey. The Boer Boel earned a deserving reputation for loyalty and family protection.

17. Dogo Argentino


With origins from Argentina, the Dogo Argentino was bred to hunt the fiercest wildlife. White, muscular and large, it hunted even puma and the wild boar. Despite being huge, sturdy, and athletic, the Dogo Argentino is calm with humans. However, the United Kingdom law prohibits ownership of the Dogo as per their 1991 Dangerous Dogs Act.

18. Cane Corso


The up to 120 pounds Cane Corso is categorized as a working dog. Originally, it hails from Italy. The breed was realized for the protection of property and taking on dreadfully aggressive prey. With a lifespan of 12 years, the breed dog requires a large and fenced yard to live in.

19. Bull Terriers


Bull Terriers take first position when it comes to the sturdiest muscle tissue in the breed dog world. This makes this dog incredibly strong alongside its physically threatening appearance. Bull Terriers’ egg-shaped head is known for being large, couple with its super drive for crushing prey. The breed poses a deadly risk around smaller animals.