Cleaning Your Windows The Proper Way


If your sitting in the kitchen eating or cooking or maybe typing like me on your computer and look through the window and see dirt on the windows can just ruin the view.


Cleaning it can be quite easy if you have the right equipment and soap.


The method I use is quite simple and easy and your windows will be clean in no time and you won’t have to pay anyone to clean them, because window cleaners can be really expensive.


You will need a few tools to do the job. They’re not expensive plus you can use them to do other projects at your house.


I do this on a day when it’s not that cold or hot because the soap will dry on the windows in no time if the sun is really hot that day.


You will be surprised how hard it’s going to be to get that soap marks off.


Streaking? You might be saying this happens to me all the time when I clean any windows in my house.


There is a walk around for this though, just adding 1/4 cup of rubbing alcohol to the mixture that I will tell you about that will make such a big difference.


What You Will Need


A Libman Mop – This is an amazing tool to have at home because it can be used to do so much stuff. Clean your floors and lots more.

Rubbing Alcohol – You will need this to add to the mixture for the cleaner to prevent streaking from forming on your windows when cleaning it.


Micro-fiber Cloth – You will need this to wipe the windows down if you rather that than letting them air dry.


Dawn Dish Soap – This is the second key ingredient in the mixture that will make your work so much easier.

Hose – You will definitely need this to wet and wash the windows off.


Now that you see what you will want I will tell you how I clean the windows without a problem.




First I wet the windows with some water to soften up anything on the windows then I add three-tablespoon dawn in a Spray bottle then add 1/4 cup rubbing alcohol. You can add the water to the spray bottle now.


Spray two windows at once with the mixture above, do not go over this because the soap will dry by the time you reach the rest. You can now use the Libman Mop to scrub the windows off.


Make sure to wash the top windows before the bottom. When you are done with those use the hose and wash the windows off properly.


Let the windows air dry or wipe them off with a microfiber cloth.

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