Cleaning Hacks You Need To Try


Here are some amazing random hacks that I use. Most of them you wouldn’t think of because I just figured out a few when I was doing my deep cleaning.


Clean Your Washing Machine 


No one really thinks about cleaning there washing machines because the name itself is a washing machine.



You think by washing clothes each time that it will clean its self. Sometimes you will need to clean it your self and make sure everything is going ok on the inside.


You can add some Vinegar to the section that you add your laundry detergent to and give it a full cycle. This will clean and deodorize the machine.



Garbage Bins And Walls


If you have a garbage bin that’s close to the wall then you will know the problem that you can face.



By opening the garbage bin so often and the lid keeps touching the wall it will eventually make the wall look awful.


You can pull it away as far as you want but somehow it eventually ends up back on the wall.


You can purchase a clear plastic to put on the wall which sticks to it and will look like it’s not even there.

Microwave Air Vent Filter


We often forget about that part of the microwave when we are cleaning. It is an important part to clean because if it’s too clogged up by whats stuck on it, it can cause it to not function properly.


You can simply take it out and run it under the hot water and use a brush to clean it properly.


You can do this every two months because it doesn’t get dirty that often and takes a while to clog.


Make Schedule To Clean


If you live in an extended family you know the problems with the bathroom.


Three or more people can be using it each day. Many times it will not be cleaned because the other person thinks the next person had clean it.


What you can do is write a schedule for each month so each person can know when to clean the bathroom and not skip doing it thinking someone else did.

Clean The Top Jamb



This had happened to me many time, I forgot to clean the top jamb. This is the board that goes across a door jamb. Sometimes I even forget to clean there myself, they can be hard to reach just by standing so you can either stand on something and clean it or buy a tool to reach there.

Deep Cleaning 


Deep cleaning is great, you often try to clean areas that you don’t typically try to go to.


You can do this twice for the month and continue with small cleaning here and there.


This will prevent you from having to do too much work if you just wait to clean the house properly at the end of the month.


Heating Things In the Microwave 


We know we can cook bacon, sausage, and other stuff quickly by giving them three minutes or four minutes in the microwave.


Its fast and easy but the microwave will smell like the food for hours afterward.


To prevent that smell I decided to wrap the bacon in a piece of paper towel properly.


I wrap it twice, this will prevent any food odor from being in the microwave after your done.


Clean With Pine Sol 


Pine-sol is great for cleaning and it makes the place smell amazing after your done.



You can either pour some in the toilet tank or in the toilet itself and wash it out.


This will give the toilet a nice smell as well. You can add a little bleach to the water as well to clean it even better.


Remove hard water stains from Toilet Tank


When water is constantly in an area hard water stain will start to form and the area will get slimy over time especially in the toilet tank.


I place my hand in the tank and touch it and the feeling wasn’t pleasant.


You can add a cup of vinegar to the tank and leave it overnight to remove the water line in the tank as well. The vinegar will slowly remove the hard watermarks as well.

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