A Genius Way To Clean Your Baseboards At Home Without Bending


Baseboards, they’re a pain to clean in every way possible. What kills me the most is that I have a bad back.



Each time I bend for too long, I will feel a stabbing pain, imagine cleaning a baseboard with a back like that.



A bad back and knee plus cleaning baseboards is a recipe to go straight to the hospital. Which can cause you some extra expense just for trying to make your home look and feel better.



Every house has baseboards, and it’s in every room, so you can’t ignore them when they start to gather dust.



 I love seeing a clean house because it annoys me to see the slightest mess anywhere.



Sitting in the kitchen one day, I decided that I will not move till I come up with a method to clean my baseboards fast and easily.



 Dryer sheets can clean them brilliantly, but you have to bend, and if your back can’t do that for too long, then you will be in trouble.



Using dryer sheets is the next way you can use them to do other stuff, which is effective so you can choose wherever method you want.



Things you will need 




Large Microfibre Cloth


Rubber Bands




Spray Bottle 



Here’s how I thought of this method. Growing up, I’m use to using a broom to sweep the house, and we had hardwood floors. The way we shine the hardwood floor was using a cloth and polish it.



That was when I was young and in my prime, full of energy. My parents always wanted to see the house looking amazing. 



If we sat on the sofa and got out, we had to make sure everything was neat and nice, just like how we saw it when we first saw it.



So putting the cloth and the broom together would create a very effective way to clean the baseboards without bending or even touching them with your hands, which is amazing.



Heres how I do it



Place two elastic bands on the slim part of the broom. Make sure to place the elastic bands over the slim section of the broom, so the broom runs through the bands. This is if you have a small broom.



If you have a larger broom, you can turn it upside down and put the microfiber cloth over it and make sure both sides are equal.


The microfiber cloth will not fully cover the part of the broom that sweeps the floor, so use three rubber bands to hold it down.



Now that you did that, place the microfiber cloth flat on the ground and place the broom on the microfiber cloth. The end of the broom should not past half of the microfiber cloth.



Fold the end of the microfiber cloth that’s left out over the broom. Use one of the elastic bands and wrap them around the slim section. 



It should be near enough to the end that you can double wrap it. The second rubber band, you can now use it to wrap it around the broom 3 inches down from the next rubber band, and you are done.



The spacing depends on the size of your broom, so space it and use the amount of rubber band you want till you feel it holds it properly.



You can mix one part vinegar and one part water in a small spray bottle 50/50 ratio. You can either spray the baseboard or the bottom of the microfiber on the broom.



Place the broom on the baseboard at a 30% angel and move left to right when you are cleaning the top of the baseboard. You can use the sides of the broom to clean the side of the baseboard or the bottom of the broom as well.


This only takes minutes to make and seconds to clean your baseboards, which will save you so much time and energy.


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